The Shiniest Stories On io9 Last Week

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Get caught up trying to slay the giant Magnapinna beast from the deep, for your Thanksgiving feast? Don't worry, we've compiled a list of the best stories of the week, just for you. Highlights this week include 45 of THE BEST Doctor Who moments, plus we take a closer look at the Truman Show Snydrome, and get a peek into the swank bachelor pads on the space station.Giant Mystery Creature with "Elbows" Captured on Deep Sea Camera A remote-controlled underwater vehicle exploring the area around an oil platform off the coast of Mexico met this strange giant sea creature about a mile and a half below the surface. With ten legs dangling from what look like elbow joints, it was a pretty shocking sight to the vehicle operators. They captured this footage about a year ago, and passed it around via e-mail until somebody finally explained what it was. "Truman Show Syndrome" Makes Life Seem Like Reality TV In The Truman Show, Jim Carrey played the unwilling star of the world’s most popular reality show, living his life on a giant soundstage with actors playing his friends and family. Now psychiatrists are seeing the rise of a new kind of delusion: People believe they are living out Truman Shows of their own, convinced that their every move is being filmed and every moment contrived by television producers. Researchers fear pop culture may be to blame. Bachelor Pads of the International Space Station You're stuck for months inside a cramped tin can with a bunch of total strangers, with no gravity, fresh food or World of Warcraft. And yeah, you're forced to drink the recycled sweat of your fellow astronauts (or your own urine). But that doesn't mean you can't have your own stylin' bachelor (or bachelorette) pad in space. Check out the new digs being delivered to the ISS. I Was Trapped In A Movie Theater With Teenage Twilight Fans It was, without a doubt, the strangest movie preview I've been to. Sure, there were lines of fans for Clone Wars, and The Dark Knight has people already proclaiming it to be the greatest movie ever made before the lights had gone down, but Twilight's lines were full of teenage girls dressed for prom bitching about having to give up their cellphones before they went into the theater because it meant that they couldn't text each other about how awesome the movie was. And that was nothing compared with what lay in store once I went inside. The 45 Coolest Moments In Doctor Who's History Doctor Who, the classic British time-travel adventure, marked its 45th anniversary the other day. It's amazing when you realize that, if you count 1996, the Doctor has been on television for 31 out of those 45 years. In all that time, he's vanquished monsters and megalomaniacs, but he's also shattered our preconceptions over and over again. Here's our guide to the 45 Who moments we'll always remember. Science Fiction’s Most Dysfunctional Families As Thanksgiving approaches, families around the US are gathering to give thanks, eat food, and annoy the hell out of one another. When your family starts arguing about your uncle’s drinking, your sister’s convict boyfriend, or your cousin’s decision to drop out of college, be glad that you don’t have to contend with killer robots, mad scientist parents, or sibling rivalry turned homicidal. We list science fiction families that will have you giving thanks for the mundane problems of your own dysfunctional clan. The Most Offensive Reality TV Show You're Not Watching VH1's Scream Queens reality TV show is the most insulting piece of pop culture ever, with heaps of crazy piled on top. A group of unknown actresses gather and compete for a (supposedly) coveted role in Saw 6. The whole thing is judged by Slither director James Gunn, acting coach John Homa and Saw actress Shawnee Smith. What does it say about aspiring horror actresses that these women start out crazy and wind up racist? Watch some of the worst moments of this can't-look-away trainwreck, and judge for yourself. Nacho Vigalondo on Timecrimes, and How To Land A Car On A UFO Cult genre savior and Sundance darling Nacho Vigalondo took time out to talk to us about his brilliant time travel movie, Timecrimes. There's a lot of buzz around this film and its time-looping main character Hector. We've got a deeper look at the movie, coming out next year in select theaters, with an exclusive clip here. Read on for an interview with Vigalondo, who breaks down his traveling hero and chats about his latest project Ramp, about one man's dream to jump his car onto a UFO.


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