The Shiniest Stories On io9 Last Week

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Too busy building drooling over the aliens from Hunter Prey all week? Don't worry, we've compiled a list of the best stories of the week, just for you. Highlights this week include talking to a vampire-hating drunk from True Blood, a closer look at a 2,900-year-old gravestone and details on how NASA wants us to drink our own urine.First Look at Fan Auteur Sandy Collora's "Hunter Prey" Sandy Collora is known as the auteur of fan filmmaking because his dark short film Batman: Dead End took 2003 Comic-Con by storm, and its comparatively lavish production values changed the whole fan filmmaking game. Though Collora had some setbacks, including having his films shoved off the bill by lawsuit-shy Comic-Con, he's back with his first original feature film, Hunter Prey. We've got an exclusive first peek at this war film set on a alien world. 10 Movies That Should Never Become Video Games > Times are tough, but word on the street is that video games could be recession proof. That’s why we predict purveyors of the medium will sign off on even more dubious game adaptations of movies. After scratching our heads over the troubling Watchmen: The End Is Nigh game, a bald effort to cash in on the March movie, we decided to do the Hollywood gaming industry a solid by providing this handy guide to key flicks best left unmolested. Read up, little pimps! Twilight Should Shed Its Vampire Drag And Embrace Its Sappy Self We made Graeme brave the sea of squee to review True Blood. And he thinks: Twilight isn't as bad as you think it is. I know, I know; you all want me to tell you that it's the worst thing ever made, two hours of extreme embarrassment that I will never be able to get back, and by the way, Robert Pattinson sucks, and not in the vampire sense. Thing is, that's not exactly true (well, apart from the Robert Pattinson thing). I went in expecting the worst, and came out convinced that I'd seen The Dark Knight for tween girls. This Week On Ask A Bio Geek: iGEM, or How to Build a Biological Organism in a Single Summer The International Genetically Engineered Machine competition brings undergraduates from around the world to MIT's campus to share the results of a summer's worth of synthetic biology research. Each team tries to create the best synthetic organism. Here you can see the iGEM participants (photo courtesy of David Appleyard and iGEM). I'm one of the folks in black up in front. (No, the other one.) Find out what these students cooked up over the summer, and who won. 2,900-Year-Old Gravestone Reveals Ancient Belief System A 2,900-year-old gravestone from the ancient kingdom of Sam'al, located in what is today southeastern Turkey, has shed light on an ancient religious belief heretofore unknown. The gravestone, called a stele, is in nearly pristine condition and archaeologists were able to translate all the writing on it. Now they've gained new insight into what people of the Iron Age believed about souls and death. True Blood's Rutina Wesley Tells Io9 She's Not The Huxtables We talked to True Blood's Tara and she gave it to us straight, there aren't any crazy circus sweaters and pudding pops on True Blood. Gender-Bending Body Swap Experiment Leaves Subjects Wanting More In science fiction, characters often swap bodies to achieve immortality, pose as someone else, or walk a mile in a loved one’s shoes. Now neuroscientists at the Karolinska Institute have found a way to convince subjects that they’ve swapped bodies with another person. Men become women, humans become mannequins, and the participants are eager to try it again. Alan Moore's Worst Nightmare: Watchmen Video Game If Alan Moore had been even thinking about opening up to Zack Snyder's movie adaptation of his classic graphic novel Watchmen, this new video game ought to be the final nail in Moore's anti-social coffin. The game, entitled Watchmen: The End Is Nigh, has released a batch of stills that show Rorschach and Nite Owl cleaning up the streets with their fists. The end really is nigh, if they're expecting me to understand Moore's deeply troubled characters' psyches by mashing my fists about a game controller. It's like making a video game out of Moby Dick. Is nothing sacred? The Official NASA Guide To Drinking Your Own Urine If you're going on a long space trip, you'll soon realize that you can't carry all the fresh water you'll need with you. The cost of getting all that water into space would destroy your budget before you ever built a single photon torpedo launcher. The answer, of course, is recycling. Those childhood dreams of traveling to space probably didn't include drinking your own sweat and pee. Battlestar Spoiler Roundup: What Happens Now? Battlestar Galactica comes back in January, and it has a hell of a cliffhanger to resolve. Just where did our heroes land up in "Revelations," and more importantly, where do they go now? Since the show disappeared for a nine-month hiatus, there's been a slow drip of information about the new season, so we thought we'd collect them all in one place. One thing's for sure: You'd better strap yourself in, because it's going to be a crazy ride. Spoilers ahead.