The Shiniest Stories On io9 Last Week

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Too busy getting chased around by a motorcycle terminator all week? Don't worry, we've compiled a list of the best stories of the week, just for you. Highlights this week include shorties, scifi cereal, cult sneakers, Dollhouse cheerleading, and tips on how to hit on an alien.Terminator 4 Concept Art Shows Half Breed Robo Killers Wow, McG wasn't kidding when he said that Terminator 4 was going to be all work and no play. This "in between" terminator concept art looks like a half person, half robot, with a pinch of motorbike. It's a broken-down calamity, but scary as hell — which completely fits in the overall look of despair McG has promised fans in the new Terminator Salvation. Check out a gallery of robo-crazies, and prepare for the ultimate battle. Spoilers ahead. Heaven's Gate UFO Cult Sneakers - Creepy, Wrong, or Fake? Rumors are swirling that Nike discontinued work on this sweet black-and-purple prototype Dunk shoe because it reminded consumers too much of the Heaven's Gate cult mass suicide. Really? On the Nike Skateboarding blog, they offer up this image of the shoe side-by-side with one of the victims of the Heaven's Gate suicide to prove their point. Five Ways to Hit on Aliens Their lovely green skin and tentacle powers taunt you every night at the intergalactic bar. You know you want to hit those aliens, but you need some serious pickup artist skills. Don't worry, because io9 is here to help you polish up your one-liners: Using our foolproof system, you'll get those alien babes to talk to you, give you their phone numbers, and even take you home to their anti-grav beds. We've got five sure-fire ways to make the aliens want you to want them. The Alternate History Theme Park Where Dinosaurs Fought in the Civil War Most speculative fiction surrounding the American Civil War imagines how the world would be different had the Confederacy won its independence. But roadside attraction creator Mark Cline has imagined an entirely different kind of Civil War science fiction. His fiberglass creations tell the tale of a group of Union soldiers who discover a lost valley of dinosaurs in Virginia and plot to use them as weapons against the South. Could BURN-E Win the Mecha Cuteness Sweepstakes Against WALL-E? It could be nothing but win for welder bot BURN-E, in this new short from the WALL-E DVD coming out November 18. BURN-E, who is on a mission to fix a light no matter what happens, definitely throws down the adorable robot gauntlet at WALL-E's track feet. True they both make cute robots, with their "oohs" and squaggle noises when upset, but which robo friend is truly the cutest of them all? Check out the short film, below, and be the judge. The Best Real-Life Science Fictional Inventions of 2008 Popular Science just published their mind-blowing "Best of What's New 2008" issue and it's packed with science fictional goodies that are coming to life right before our eyes. PopSci editor Sean Captain shared with us his favorites, including this "ground bot" for exploring other planets. See seven more of Captain's real-life science fiction picks below. Tasty Super Scifi Cereal Breakdown As a child, I was forbidden to eat marshmallowy cereal unless it was a special occasion - - so naturally, like any youth told that they can't have something, I became obsessed. I wanted to know what the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pizza cereal tasted like and screamed for a taste of Batman's bowl of bat wings. I've rounded up a collection of cereal boxes and commercials that should bring back so much breakfast nostalgia, you'll get a contact sugar rush. So, pass the milk and lets go on a cereal sugar bender together. Quantum Of So What? Call it truth in advertising. The new James Bond movie Quantum Of Solace has a title that's vaguely science fiction-y and obscure. And the movie itself is sorta science fiction-y and really confusing. The science, in this case, being geo-engineering, the practice of making massive changes to the planet to affect our environment. The movie has something grand to say about natural resources and the obsolescence of the New World Order, but it swallows its tongue. Spoiler alert! CEO of Hot Topic Apologizes To Pleather-Clad Twilight Fans Today in ridiculous Twilight news The CEO of Hot Topic, yes seller of spiky dog collars and other angsty teen wares, has emailed the masses at Twilight fandom headquarters to apologize for ruining the Hot Topic Robert Pattinson Twilight signing in Chicago. Apparently she was afraid of another San Francisco mob scene (they gave out wristbands hours before the line began - bastards). Wow people are actually scared of Twilight fans now! Fantastic, there may be hope for them yet. Full apology and fan response below. Does the Full Moon Really Make People Crazy? Tonight is the full moon, and according to several scientific studies that means you're far more likely to be the victim of a crime or creamed in an accident. I'd always assumed it was an urban legend that the full moon coincided with a rise in human weirdness. But some scientists believe there is factual evidence (see chart) that human behavior takes a swerve for the worse during these werewolfish days. Dollhouse Will Be Joss Whedon's Greatest Work Ever Is Joss Whedon's edgy new show Dollhouse doomed before it starts? I know as much as you do. I do know one thing, though: it's going to be the best thing he's ever done. Don't let the nay-sayers weigh you down — Joss' tale of a woman whose mind has been erased (to make way for whatever personality a paying client wants) is going to be better than Firefly or Buffy. And I'll tell you exactly why, but you'll have to read some spoilers to get there.


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