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The Shiniest Stories On io9 Last Week

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Too busy rebuilding your own holographic Wil.I.Am. hologram message device a la Star Wars? (Thank you, CNN, for bringing some scifi into this years election.) Don't worry, we've compiled a list of the best stories of the week, just for you.CNN Can't Stop Pimping Its Election-Night Holographic Toy Seven minutes before the polls closed, CNN decided to show off their new super power hologram technology just one more time, by "beaming in" Obama supporter and musician Wil.I.Am, Princess Leia-style, from his Chicago location. Three Horror Movies That Even a Scientist Could Love As a scientist I have mixed feelings about SF-oriented horror, which tends to show my lab coat-wearing brethren as myopic, obsessive, morally challenged individuals or as humorless skeptics. When Fringe needed a scientist for its team of white hats, the best they could come up with was a former, vaguely repentant mad scientist. Kind of unfair, considering how many plot ideas they've stolen from our journals. But there are a few bio-inspired scary movies out there that I would recommend. Bender Fixes The Gas Crisis With His 20-Sided Die The third Futurama straight-to-DVD movie is out, and it's throwing viewers right back into their parents' basements. Loaded with more references to Dungeons and Dragons than a Weezer song, Bender's Game follows the Planet Express crew as they deal with rising dark matter prices and old reliable villain Mom. After Bender goes mad from an overdose of D&D he sucks the rest of the cast into his fantasy world where Leela is a centaur, Bender is a Knight and Fry is Frydo. Fallout 3 Gives You the Glamorous Apocalypse It's nearly dusk as you approach the abandoned supermarket, crouching behind a burned out hover-bus. You nearly make a mad dash to the entrance, dreaming of the food and medical supplies you might find inside. Then you notice the mutilated corpse chained up above the door. Raiders! Are We Feeling Dehumanized Yet? Now that we're living in a technological wonderland, you're in constant danger of losing your humanity. It's just a fact — every scientific or medical advance makes us that little bit less human, and every time you play with your Google Android or eat another stem-cell sex donut, a few cells of your body transform into day-glo bubble wrap. Science fiction has been warning us for years! But how can you tell when you're no longer human? We're here to help Simon Pegg Demands A Return To Traditional "Zombie Values" Lovable Brit and part-time undead fighter Simon Pegg (Shaun of The Dead), knows a thing or two about whacking the crap out of some zombies. Which is why he is penning his own article, in the Guardian no less, about how he's sick to death of all these speedy zombies. After going to a zombie movie-fest Pegg lets out a little steam about his utter disappointment after watching Dead Set's undead sprinting around the screen, because "ZOMBIES DON'T RUN." The Man Who Could Turn Anyone into a Torturer in Minutes Using just the authority of his lab coat and actors paid to scream, Yale psychology researcher Stanley Milgram turned dozens of ordinary people into torturers and murderers. Or at least, that's what his research subjects believed. Now a new radio documentary (free online) takes you inside Milgram's torture chamber. Batman RIP - Who Dies, And Whodunnit? The final chapter of the controversial Batman RIP storyline hits comic stores this Wednesday - And if rumors are to believed, the biggest controversy may have been saved for last. But before we find out once and for all who's trying to make Bruce Wayne rest in peace, let's make like the world's greatest detective and look at what we've learned so far, and try and work out why everything may not be as it seems. Let's Face It: "True Blood" Hates Gay People It's pretty obvious that the vampires seeking "vampire rights" in Alan Ball's new HBO series True Blood are stand-ins for gay people. And yet this civil liberties fable about sexy creatures who kill and maim the innocent is practically an advertisement for social conservatism. Has The Middleman Been Cancelled? While talking to the mighty Hercules, Kevin Sorbo, about his upcoming Illuminatimovie and comic, we couldn't help asking if he'd ever make another guest appearance as frozen-in-time 1969 secret agent, Guy Goddard, on our favorite superhero comedy The Middleman. Sorbo dropped not one but two giant bombs about our beloved show: he'd been in talks for a Goddard spin-off at one point, and the Middleman may be no more. We went straight to the source, Executive Producer Javier Grillo-Marxuach to find out if Hercules' oracle spoke the truth.


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