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Too busy campaigning for dystopian mayor Bill Murray to take on a national office? Don't worry, we've compiled a list of the best stories of the week, just for you.Force Unleashed: The Movie? s the Secret Apprentice going to get his big-screen debut? Rumors circulating over at Skywalker Ranch seem to be pointing to yet another Star Wars movie undertaking. If you've had a chance to tackle the new video game you know the main character is meaty enough for his own DVD release, but a whole major-budget film? I'm not so sure about that. Stop-Motion Lego Keeps The Original Star Wars Spirit Alive Yes, the prequel trilogy and The Clone Wars movie may have disappointed hardcore Star Wars fans to the point where only The Force Unleashed can possibly redeem George Lucas in the eyes of his once-faithful audience, but that's not to say that they're disillusioned with Star Wars itself. In fact, they love it so much that they're making their own versions, and like their fallen hero, they've become disillusioned with real actors to the point where they've replaced them... with Lego. The results are as scrappy, irreverent and filled with adoration for their source as the original Star Wars was for its predecessors... if a little less likely to make their creators vast sums of money. Zombie Feminism In a new indie horror flick called Deadgirl, two high school guys find a naked zombie chick tied up in the basement of an abandoned insane asylum, so they invite their pals along to gang rape her. Hailed by critics as one of the best horror movies of the year, Deadgirl generated tons of buzz at the Toronto Film Festival for its unflinching look at male bonding run amok. Along with other recent indie horror fare like Zombie Strippers, Deadgirl turns zombies into figures for militant social outcasts — preyed-upon women who return to wreak vengeance. Call it zombie feminism. It's a subgenre that goes back to the 1980s, and every time it dies, it just comes back stronger than ever. New Season Of Simpsons Goes Scifi The season premiere of The Simpsons is this Sunday, but we're bringing you all the new season's details now. What happens when Comic Book Guy joins the ranks of all those comic writers-turned-movie producers? Al Jean, executive producer and head writer, went on a conference call with reporters and spilled all the details about celebrity cameos and explains about the upcoming "Treehouse of Horror" episode which includes an evil Charlie Brown parody of "The Great Pumpkin" where the humans are punished for their abuse of pumpkins. Science Fiction TV Classics You're Not Allowed To Own On DVD Sometimes it seems like every little dreg of geek culture from your youth is out on DVD — but it's not true! Weirdly, there are huge gaps in the archives of science fiction TV shows that Hollywood is willing to sell you. Think about this the next time you invite over that hottie from work and fail to get laid, entirely because you don't have a DVD of Automan or M.A.N.T.I.S. on your shelf to impress that person. Here's our list of essential SF TV that you can't own on DVD, because Hollywood hates you. Zombies, Posthumans, Voids, and Monsters for Your October Bookshelf It's almost October, and you're hungry for books. You've finished Neal Stephenson's Anathem, and if you live in the United States you are gritting your teeth while waiting for Ken MacLeod's latest burst of brilliance, The Night Sessions, to be released stateside. Luckily, we've got all kinds of readerly goodness coming up for you in October. Of course there are monsters and zombies, but there are also some politically-savvy tales of posthuman wars, as well as one mothy menace. Why Has Heroes Failed To Save NBC?Apparently, the nation doesn't want to see Mohinder Suresh's best Seth Brundle impression. Or maybe it's that they were turned off by the idea of yet another plot that revolved around attempting to change a future that we've already visited, just like the last two seasons. Either way, audience turnout for the much-hyped season premiere for NBC's Heroes was lower than expected - so low, in fact, that Dancing With The Stars and CSI: Miami both kicked the show's metaphorical superpowered ass. So what's gone wrong with the network's former flying franchise? How to Buy Figurines in Tokyo: An Illustrated Guide Earlier this week, I joined a team of experts from Gizmodo Japan on an expedition to the world's most famous geek mecca. For half a century, people trekked to Akihabara to buy electronics parts. But in the last 10-15 years, the neighborhood has turned into a giant playground for otaku to express their love for anime in any and every way—whether it's dressing up as them, being served by them at restaurants, or collecting fan-made manga and figurines that depict them as porn stars. Today, I'm going to give you a quick guide on figurine shopping in Akiba. The Saddest Scifi Dancers Finally the moment I've been waiting for — the greatest scene from last week's True Blood is out on the internet. Depicting some of the most ridiculous mopey-sexy dancing I've ever seen, it's Jason the world's the tiniest dancer shakin' his junk for the V-juice he needs so bad. So because you asked for it, here it is plus a collection of other "sad dances" that make us simultaneously laugh and feel uncomfortable. How I Met Your Mother Asks The Eternal Scifi Love Question Possibly the largest hurdle many lovers of genre movies, books and television shows have to jump with non-believers is the big scifi ultimatum. Sure they love me, but can they love my Star Wars? It's all fun and games until the Firefly box is opened, and all of a sudden you're caught defending space pirates. How I Met Your Mother's season premiere perfectly covered this silly question that those of us with short fuses and huge science fiction collections often find ourselves in. Season spoilers for HIMYM. Meet The King Of Soft-Core Scifi Sex Comedies [NSFW] Emmanuelle wears a cyber-headset that lets her control someone else's body, so of course she uses it to turn a piano-player into her sex-puppet. Writer-director Rolfe Kanefsky's softcore porn films include mind-control, alien sex toys... and the invisible man. There's a whole subculture of scifi pervs for whom LA-based Kanefsky is their cinematic god, and we've got a bevy of his most perverted scenes below. Not safe for work, unless you work naked.

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