Too busy searching Starship Troopers: Marauders frame-by-frame for the Captain Rico money shot all week? Don't worry, we've compiled a list of the best stories of the week, just for you.

Ten Reasons Why the Clone Wars TV Series is Going to Rule.
Of course you're nervous about the new Star Wars: Clone Wars movie, but have faith little padawan: it will exceed your expectations.
The Best And Worst Fake American Accents From Scifi's Army Of Brits.
We rank all the fake America accents in scifi land from top to bottom. Yep, Bionic Woman is included.

The Greatest Human-A.I. Buddy-Comedy Chemistry Of All Time. The best friendships between humans and artificial intelligences are like Crockett and Tubbs from Miami Vice.


A Glimpse Inside The Filming Of Battlestar's Final Episodes.
A "wrap video" showing the final days of filming of Battlestar Galactica has turned up online, and it gives a tantalizing glimpse inside the show's inner workings.

Why There Will Never Be Another Aliens.
Sorry friends it's not happening. But calm down, we'll talk you through it. Deep breaths.

U.S. Military To Be 30 Percent Robotic In Twelve Years.
The U.S. military is being taken over by robots. Meet our new robot overlords.

Yes, There Is Water on Mars — But You Can't Drink It
Though NASA has been reporting for years that there is water ice on Mars, and today the US space agency held a press conference to announce definitively that the Phoenix Lander has found traces of water ice on the red planet.

Lady Frankenstein As You've Always Wanted to See Her [NSFW].
Pierre Fournier has a terrifically weird blog devoted to one of the earliest science fiction tales ever written. It's called Frankensteinia, and it's not only educational but kind of pervvy.

Bob Eggleton: The Texture of Monsters.
A beautiful collection of Bob Eggleton monster work.

Spock Is Sexy? Illogical!
Everyone always thinks of James Tiberius Kirk as the resident ladykiller of the starship Enterprise, but has another member of Starfleet's most celebrated crew been hiding his pointy-eared light under a bushel?

Why Does My City Scream?
"My City Screams!" It could be a slogan for The Dark Knight. Or any of a host of other movies, TV shows or books. But it's actually the tagline for The Spirit, the new comic-book movie by noir master Frank Miller. We love to imagine cities as hazardous, smelly alien worlds, even as real-life U.S. cities are becoming safer and safer. Why is genre entertainment's portrayal of cities trapped in an era of tenements?




Why Does My City Scream?