Too busy singing along to Dr. Horrible's "Freeze Ray" jingle all week? Don't worry - we've created a collection of the week's best stories for your pleasure.

A New Explanation for Morgellons, the Disease that Makes Wires Grow Out of Your Skin

If you've been growing blue and red wires out of sores on your skin like hundreds of Morgellons disease sufferers have (pictured), then you may actually have a nano-fiber chemtrail infection. Or so says the "chemtrail activist" community.

The Science Fiction Stories that Inspire and Hinder Real Science

Everything from satellites and space travel to synthetic biology and robots existed in fiction before they were realized in a lab - and most science fiction fans assume that situation is somehow beneficial for scientists. We've got a big list of stories that hinder, as well as inspire, scientific innovation.


How Will Smith Will Save Hollywood

With the continued, somewhat inexplicable, success of Hancock, it seems that the only constant in Hollywood math is "(Will Smith) + (4th of July Weekend) x (Genre Movie) = $$$." Bearing that in mind, we thought that it's be kind of us to demonstrate to some stalled SF movie projects just to how to use the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to get their movies up and running again.

I Love It When A Plan Totally Doesn't Come Together

It happens to the best dashing science fiction hero: You come up with a preternaturally clever plan to stop the bad guys, involving a totally cunning bit of MacGyvering or hustle... and it totally fails. It's what you do after your cunning plan fails that separates the good guys from the great guys. Here are our favorite failed plans.


Wall-E, Right Wing Hero?


You may have thought Pixar's trashbot epic Wall-E was an environmentalist screed about humans ruining the planet through over-consumption. But you'd be wrong, say a rising chorus of conservative commentators. Rather, Wall-E is a right-wing dream come true, a saga about the need to escape big government and return to small-town family values. Not only that, but some progressives are starting to attack the poor little guy for not being hardcore enough.

A Closer Look At Our New Robot Foes From Terminator 4

The future of the human race is looking pretty grim in John Connor's world - especially with all the new-fangled robots director McG is populating the post-Judgment Day world with. We took a closer look at the trailer for Terminator Salvation, and examined each of the new robotic enemies humanity will have to face.


An Anti-Stress Pill that Prevents Your Body from Aging

Stress runs down the body's immune system, which is why people with high-stress jobs or events in their lives are vulnerable to illness. Now a researcher at UCLA has discovered the link between emotional stress and physical damage - and she's going to develop a pill that will allow you to endure stress without the nasty side-effects. And there may also be one good side-effect: Extreme longevity.


Entertainment Industry: Please Stop Pandering To My Generation!

When did I first realize that Generation-X nostalgia was a driving the entertainment industry off a cliff? It turns out Sir John Gielgud is being dug up, resurrected and having frog DNA injected, so he can play Baron Silas Greenback in the new Danger Mouse movie. When will it stop?


How Over-Hyped Is The Dark Knight?

We've been as excited about The Dark Knight as just about anybody, but lately we've been starting to wonder: has the chorus of hype gone too far? With a few early reviews suggesting the movie has a slow first hour and falls apart slightly on the second viewing, could the most anticipated movie of the year really be just... pretty great? Or will it totally live up to all of our loftiest expectations?

You Fools! Why Are You Not Watching The Middleman?

Two or three years from now, you'll be thrusting the DVDs of trainee-superhero show The Middleman at your friends and telling them they must check out this awesome show. It has everything: wit, subversiveness, charm, audacious scifi concepts, and the perfect blend of the spy, superhero and X-Files-y genres. We compiled six reasons why you should be watching The Middleman.