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Locked yourself in the bathroom with the new copy of the Star Wars Force Unleased and Old Republic Campaign guidebooks? We understand, which is why we've compiled a list of the best stories of the week, just for you. 5 Manga Movies We Want to See After Akira Blows Everyone's Mind Just a temporal hop, skip and a jump away is 2009's live-action big screen version of Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira, but if the American adaptation of the manga/anime phenomenon that launched a thousand otaku is a smash success, what treasured classics of Japanese culture will Hollywood choose to to adapt next? Dark Knight Inspires Copycat Crimes, Over-reactions It's taken four weeks, but it's finally happened - Fans of The Dark Knight have started to take some of the Joker's methods into the real world, and are paying the price. But, considering what was actually done in the Joker's name, the price being paid may be far too high. Why We Deserve Better Villains - And How To Get Them Why are people still so crazed over Heath Ledger's Joker after a month in theaters? Maybe because he's the first villain we've seen in ages who didn't kind of lick. The problem of villain suckage is endemic in heroic narratives, where villains get redeemed, become sympathetic, or lose their menace too easily. We've got a 7-point diagnosis for villain anemia, plus a "unified theory" of how to make villains awesome, and why they matter. Who Wants To Watch Three Hours Of Watchmen? t's already calling itself the movie adaptation of "the most celebrated graphic novel of all time," but if a certain group of masochistic fans have their way, "visionary director" Zack Snyder's version of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' comic may also be the longest comic strip movie ever made - But is the general public ready for three hours of watching the Watchmen? Darth Vader Slays The Wookiees In Force Unleashed Concept Art A new behind-the-scenes book on the Force Unleashed video game is out today, and its pages are bursting with fantastic Star Wars concept art. The book, written by video-game writers W. Haden Blackman and Brett Rector, tells the story from the first concept still to the finished game. It also explains their original pitch to George Lucas (under the name The True Jedi Trials), the technology behind the video game and the saddest pictures of a half-naked Vader you've ever seen. Texas House Sucked Into Wormhole Last summer, a condemned house in Houston, Texas was sucked into a small wormhole, its wooden facade slowly slurped though another dimension and spit out into an alley behind the backyard. This bizarre mashup of real estate and theoretical physics was created by local artists Dan Havel and Dean Ruck, who saw in the abandoned house an opportunity to remind people how fragile the fabric of spacetime really is. Game Your Way into the Star Wars Expanded Universe with a New GuideA lot of Star Wars fans first discovered the expanded Star Wars universe via the Knights of the Old Republic video games. Now you too can create your own characters and experience the rich, exciting era that took place thousands of years before the saga of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. The Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide is a sourcebook for the current edition of the Star Wars role-playing game. Death Race Is Car Porn For A Dystopian Internet Age Death Race is full of awesome exploding car-fu, but it's in the service of a crash course (sorry) in dystopia for the Internet age. The race in question is a prison game which nobody can ever really win, webcast to millions of viewers who might as well be in prison. In fact, Death Race is a good object lesson in why subtlety is overrated. Even the fact that Jason Statham only has one facial expression helps keep the movie's bleak message alive. What Are the Unlikeliest Futures for the Human Species? There are certainly some futures far less likely than others. I can't prove a negative, but perhaps I can convince you that a few common science fiction or futurist tropes are, shall we say, favored poorly by probability. The Rules of Quick and Dirty Worldbuilding Worldbuilding is the art of creating an alternate universe where the rules of present-day Earth life don't apply, and you have been appreciating that art for as long as you've been reading or watching science fiction. Some worldbuilding is epic in scale, and other worldbuilders work alone. But worldbuilding doesn't have to be something that just the pros do. You can get in on the cool create-your-own universe action any time you want, and fast. Just follow our five simple rules for whipping up a universe in your spare time. The Worst Fake Accents From The Yanks (And Canucks) Of Science Fiction A few weeks ago, we gave you the best and the worst of fake American accents from science fiction's army of Brits, who are slowly taking over the genre. But there's an even bigger problem out there: American and Canadian science fiction actors who mangle and mumble their way through a whole range of fake accents. Click through for our list of the ten biggest accent failures, with clips.

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