The Shiniest Moments From a Closed Door Q&A With the Cast of Firefly

After a tearful panel, the reunited cast of Firefly sat down for a question and answer session with reporters at San Diego Comic-Con — and we were there. Here's our round-up of all the best moments from the Firefly reunion press conference.


Top image: Dark Horse Comics.

What did Firefly give your career?

Firefly taught me how to act. I would come up with ideas and tell them to Joss. [...] he would say that's great, we could do that, or…(Fillion tails off). I was trying to make these moments of coolness, and with (Whedon) being an intelligent guy, he has a skill to make people not feel stupid. — Nathan Fillion


What does Firefly say about feminism?

Men who are comfortable with powerful women are more powerful men. — Joss Whedon

Is there anything you ever wanted to be asked about Firefly?

That's a cop out question. –- Adam Baldwin

Are you available for another series? –- Fillion

Would you make a Firefly video game?

(There was) Talk of an MMORPG, but it disappeared into the ether. Firefly lends itself to gaming, and really immersive multiplayer gaming, the type with more things to do than [just] shoot things. — Whedon


If you could ever do a Firefly sequel, will you bring back the cast, since [so many characters] are dead?

In all honestly, I don't believe in evil twins and clones in this universe. It doesn't make sense to me. You have to move on. And by that, you have to have an intricate flashback. In my head, the opening scene is a conversation [with] Wash. — Whedon


On soldiers and astronauts identifying with Firefly

This is extraordinary to me. Obviously, there is a war element, and they have suffered. [...] There is a bonding, an isolation, and a comradery, and you know each will lay down their life for the crew. — Whedon


Our characters are together and the war is over. Things can be good. Also, if our key audience is astronauts, that could explain why the show is cancelled. — Fillion

Is there anything else you wanted out of the Firefly experience? Any stories you wish were told?


My guy didn't fare so well. — Adam Baldwin

I'm very happy. I'm very content. It all worked out very well for me. Looking back ten years, it's hard to say I want more. I got to do some of the best work I've ever done, make friends, and make a movie. — Fillion


Would you make an anime version of Firefly?

I think it would be cool, pretty easy. (You) don't even have to shower. You can wear your baseball cap and underwear. — Fillion


You can shower. — Whedon

What does Firefly's less than utopian view teach us?

We're doomed. I don't have any faith in mankind, but I love my friends desperately. My faith is in my friends and their ability to band together. It's created family. [...] I don't think we are going to solve our problems and have a Federation. But, too, the Federation had its problems. — Whedon


On the idea that fans still treasure a handful of shows after a decade has passed

Part of it is a Camelot thing — it was there, now it's gone. (It is) precious in the way things that air for eight years are not. — Whedon


Do you see this show surviving and being a presence 50-100 years in pop culture?


Yes. Because we were right. The thing we made was right. The network was wrong. We were right, the universe was fully realized and very cool. And in-depth. — Tim Minear

The Firefly reunion special, Browncoats Unite, will air November 11th on Science Channel.


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