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The Shazam Sequel Is Officially in the Works

Shazam will return.
Shazam will return.
Photo: Warner Bros.

Mere hours after Shazam handily won the box office on its opening weekend, news about a sequel has already started to break.


The Wrap first reported, and io9 has confirmed, that screenwriter Henry Gayden, who also wrote the current film, has locked a deal to write a sequel to the hit DC film. The studio is hoping director David S. Sandberg will return too, but that hasn’t quite been set yet.

That news also comes after one of the film’s producers, Dwayne Johnson, congratulated the filmmakers on Instagram and said his Black Adam movie, which would eventually lead to a showdown with Shazam, is eyeing a 2020 start date.


There’s no word on what Shazam 2 might be about, but Shazam itself gave a few ideas of where a sequel could go, thanks to a few big surprises at the end of the film and in its credits. Originally the plan was for Black Adam to factor into a Shazam sequel—but we don’t know if that will be this movie or another one. Now that DC and Warner Bros. know fans like the character, there’s really no rush.

With Shazam now in theaters, next up for the DC Universe is Joker in October (though, famously, that’s not set in the same universe as these other films), followed by Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman 1984 next year.

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Now that this is a hit and we’re getting at least one sequel, maybe a longer franchise: what happens when these young actors grow up?

Having this kid turn into Zachary Levi is one thing but isn’t it going to look a little weirder if/when Asher Angel has a growth spurt and then it’s a fully grown man transforming into... a different man?

The premise seems to depend on these kids remaining kids. But I don’t know the comics and how it works. Is Billy Batson allowed to grow up? And as an adult, does he just look like his Shazam self?