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The Sharknado trailer is the greatest thing you'll see all week

Illustration for article titled The emSharknado/em trailer is the greatest thing youll see all week
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"Sharks. Tornado. Sharknado. 'Nuff said." claims the very basic equation at the heart of the trailer for Syfy's latest masterpiece, Sharknado. Suffice it to say, it does what it says on the box, which is present us with a movie about tornado full of goddamned sharks.


Honestly, I don't know what I love most: That some sharks just drop out of the sky, while some are propelled violently through the air like missiles; that the propelled sharks still have the timing and wherewithal to eat people as they fly through the air; that someone thinks shooting a shark flying directly at you at over 100 mph will do anything other that get you hit with a bloody shark; that apparently the tornado sucked enough sharks out of the ocean to consistently disperse them over the course of a 90-minute TV movie; or that this is what Tara Reid is doing now. It's a cornucopia of delights!

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So is it just that I am in Canada and most entertainment companies hate us, or is the trailer unavailable to everyone else now as well?