The Shannara Chronicles, MTV's Uneven Game of Thrones Wannabe, Gets a Second Season

Illustration for article titled iThe Shannara Chronicles, /iMTVs Uneven iGame of Thrones/i Wannabe, Gets a Second Season

We had some majorly mixed feelings about season one of The Shannara Chronicles, MTV’s stab at an epic fantasy TV series. Its characters were thinly drawn, but it looked gorgeous and was often entertaining. Will a just-announced second season allow the show to bring more depth to the story?


There’s certainly plenty of source material to choose from. Terry Brooks started putting out novels in the series in 1977, and hasn’t hit the pause button yet. So far, though, no details on what the next season of Shannara might entail. The Deadline announcement of the show’s renewal hints at the demographic that was lured into its post-apocalyptic fantasy world the most: kids who didn’t tune in when the show aired, but checked it out via delayed and multi-platform viewing (it was also a social-media hit). Additionally, it was MTV’s highest-rated new series this year, as well as being “the highest-grossing digital download for a single season on MTV ever.” Unfortunately for fans of good fantasy TV, those numbers may mean they won’t want to tamper with a winning formula—despite the show’s potential to overcome its flaws.

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I’m actually happy about this.

It’s no Game of Thrones, but sometimes you just want to turn off your brain and watch a bunch of pretty looking elves swing swords and recite dialog straight out of The Real World.