The Sexy Nerd Project Flips the Script and Objectifies Male Heroes

All images: Fwee Carter
All images: Fwee Carter

Fwee Carter saw there was a big problem in fandom culture. Women were consistently sexed up. Men, while half naked, tended to be just power fantasies. So Carter pulled out his camera, enlisted some of the most attractive nerds he knew, and started taking pictures.

Thus the Sexy Nerd Project was born, and over the last couple of years, Fwee has given the world pin up renditions of Superman, the Flash, and Adventure Time’s Finn.

Pictured: model’s own Magic deck.
Pictured: model’s own Magic deck.

For Show Me Your Nerd this week we traveled up into Harlem yesterday to chat with Fwee not just about his extensive collection of sexy nerd dude photographs, but also his toy and camera collections—only a fraction of which is currently in his bedroom.

Our conversation spans everything from his 20-year love affair with Power Rangers to spray painting a vest for a Sailor Venus cosplay to photographing a Magic: The Gathering nerd who also happened to have the right abs for Aquaman.

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