The sexual habits of blue Play-Doh...the movie!

On this week's Cult Movie Worship, watch the adorable stop-motion sex habits of blue blobs in Tibo Charroppin's short film Blue - An Erotic Life. Who knew Play-Doh was so kinky? Read on for more Cultiness...



Twitch film pointed out Eugenio Mira's Agnosia, calling it the next Pan's Labyrinth. We'll have to agree visual-wise because this trailer is completely astounding, but we're going to need some help on the translation. The synopsis reminds us a little of that dreadful film The Eye with Jessica Alba, but much much better.



Joana Prats suffers from agnosia, a strange neuropsychological illness that affects her perception. Although her eyes and ears are in perfect condition, her brain cannot interpret the stimuli she receives through them.

As the only one who knows the industrial secret left behind by her father, the enigmatic young girl will become the victim of a sinister plan to get the information out of her by taking advantage of her sensory confusion.

As the plot unfolds, the two men closest to her will become crucial to its outcome: Carles, Joana´s fiancé and her father´s right-hand man, and Vicent, a young, impulsive servant working at the Prats mansion.

The Death of Alice Blue

The corporate world sucking the life out of dear little Alice Blue, at least that's what the title implies. Check out this completely bizarre little film that seems half aware of itself. We can't tell yet if this film was set on making a parody or just striving for a creepy blend of half smiles and camera nods.

New employee Alice Blue begins to suspect her bloodthirsty bosses at Raven Advertising aren't what they seem. Seduced by zombified co-workers and menacing management, it seems everyone has a plan for Alice. Except Alice.

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blue is brutal.

and the second trailer says :


not being able

to trust

your senses

to trust in whom?

whom to love?

ps: I don't speak Spanish something might be escaping me, but that's the literal translation of it.