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We’ve gotten a few tidbits about what to expect from Ridley Scott’s Prometheus sequel, Alien: Covenant. The (cryptic) plot summary’s been out for awhile, along with the cast list, including Katherine Waterston as the lead. And now Prometheus’ only returnee, Michael Fassbender, has offered up some details on the film’s “used future” aesthetic.


Speaking to a newspaper in Australia, where Covenant is being filmed, Fassbender said Scott’s sets mix high-tech space gadgets with “an old-school element where things look battered, like the original Star Wars.” (In an earlier interview, he likened the sets to Blade Runner. Two different, but equally promising, points of comparison.)

Fassbender also noted that his character, android David—last seen as a disembodied head in the care of Noomi Rapace’s scientist, who’s not in Covenant—would be “back in a whole new way.” Whole way, as in a reconstructed synthetic being? Or whole new, like a talking head in a jar? Since all we’re getting at this point is remarks on how great the sets are, there’s no more elaboration. But he does agree that the character was and is “creepy,” so he’ll presumably still be more Ash than Bishop.


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