The Self-Published Scifi Sensation Zenith Is the Latest eBook to Make the Jump to Physical Media

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As a self-published ebook Zenith, the first chapter in an ongoing scifi series called The Androma Saga, is already a New York Times best-seller. Now, io9 can exclusively reveal that Harlequin, a division of HarperCollins, has acquired the rights to release the full series as three-dimensional products.

Written by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings, the first part of Zenith was released in June and hit #1 on the New York Times eBooks list... and it wasn’t even the full book. Which is why Harlequin pursued it, and plans on releasing the full thing sometime next year.

Zenith is about a notorious space mercenary nicknamed the Bloody Baroness. She and her all-girl crew fly across the galaxy on the Marauder and are tested by an evil bounty hunter with links to the Baroness’ past. At the same time, a mysterious, evil ruler on the planet Xen Ptera is biding her time to tear the universe in half and it’ll be up to the Bloody Baroness and her crew to unravel the mystery.


“This spaceship is ready for lift off!” said Alsberg. “I am so ecstatic about this new adventure Lindsay and I get to go on with Zenith. We started off just wanting to do this for our readers as something fun, but it quickly turned into a story we’re passionate about and so proud of. I am just so grateful to the readers for their support so far, and I cannot wait to see where this journey is going to take us. I am also super excited to soon hold Zenith in my hands. That will be such a surreal moment!”

“The journey with Zenith has been amazing so far,” added Cummings. “We have the best readers in the entire world and I’m so thrilled that we will now be able to offer them the chance to hold the full physical book in their hands in 2017. Sasha and I are so excited to join forces with Harlequin Teen for the rest of Zenith, and we’re confident that readers are going to have a blast embarking on this adventure with us!”

For more on Zenith and the ongoing Androma Saga, visit the official site.

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