The Secret Mars Agenda, And How You Can Help

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Are you wondering how to get us back on track to go to the stars now that President Obama has dialed back on the Moon landing plans? One woman, who has already been to Mars, has a solution.


Here is how her story begins:

This is a glimpse into a personal experience of how a few years ago I, Ki' Lia, got recruited into an extremely dangerous mission to Mars, and my strange and profound encounter with secret society agents and their use of time and quantum access technologies to manipulate our collective evolution.

This is a revelation about how government agencies currently have been establishing Mars as a survival colony and how the widely-prophesied date of 2012 has been seen as diverging into two major timelines, either catastrophe or transcendence.

While those not familiar with any of these concepts might find my story unbelievable and shocking, my story is organically emerging and being normalized in an exopolitical context as established by many courageous new and longtime whistleblowers and researchers of classified trillion-dollar Black Budget projects. I'm not asking anyone to believe in any particular ideology or philosophy, rather I'm sharing my genuine experiences and understandings in hopes that others will explore and pursue the truths apart from the lies as fed to us from all angles in society.

I was recruited as an interdisciplinary designer and futurist who has been consulting and collaborating with many renowned new paradigm leaders. Primarily though, I have been a virtuoso artist in music, design, dance and writing, who has exhibited numerous praised works. I am also a multidimensional guide who has given hundreds of transformative readings and healings. I am also a human with the spectrum of emotions and flaws, who is vulnerable to this negative world. With an arts degree from Stanford University, I have been developing sacred song-dance rituals and a holographic theater model in relative seclusion, but am now publicly emerging to stand with other truth-tellers.


The best part is that Ki' Lia, who has already traveled to Mars, is working with the mysterious government operative "Agent X" on an alternative to Obama's new space program:

Agent X discussed his brilliant vision for a new space initiative – an awe-inspiring plan to explore the next frontiers of space in service to mankind's unity and consciousness expansion. His plan included: 1) a colonization mission to Mars or Moon as a commercial-government-academic partnership, and 2) a separate, firewalled academy to train new explorers in multidimensional living and prepare the public for First Contact with ETs. He designated me as the main fundraiser for the space initiative as well as the head of his proposed academy. He intuitively saw that I was destined to do this and greatly encouraged my leadership.

You can read more here, or join the Facebook group devoted to furthering this Martian agenda.

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