The secret lives of avalanche rescue cats

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In the snow-covered wilderness of Canada, "a small organization staffed primarily by cats" is saving lives and challenging rescue-dog hegemony.

This group is CARCA — the Canadian Avalanche Rescue Cat Association — and they've made a recent no-budget documentary cataloging their brave efforts. At their website, cat lovers looking to learn more about CARCA's good works can read the applications of those who are volunteering their felines for this dire service:

Liz is a young cat who has been brought up in the Highlands of Scotland so [she] knows a thing or two about wild weather. She is a good worker and likes the cold. Unfortunately she is scared of everything, so some development would be needed in this area [...]

Blackberry is very strong. He jumped off the deck which is a story off of the ground and knocked me down for fun once [...]

Rango could be skidded downhill to the site of a tragedy with a simple push of his crate onto the rutted ice of the primary slope. The gentle, almost non-existent vertical drop would deliver him at a very slow speed to the site of any disaster.


One applicant has gone so far to submit video evidence that his feline has the chops to buck the canine dogma that so many ski slopes unquestioningly subscribe to.

For more information on the Canadian Avalanche Rescue Cat Association and their deathly serious documentary, see their website.

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I seem to remember a commenter saying he/she would have more respect for cats if they rescued avalanche victims. As a cat person, I find this article oddly vindicating.