Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

Who's the real mastermind behind the terrorists who capture Tony Stark in the Iron Man movie, coming May 2? We have the first clues below, along with a new clip. Another new video gives some hints about what could be coming next on Lost, and a new trailer shows off a lot more of the story in Speed Racer. And we reveal even more secrets of Doctor Who's Christmas special. All this, plus new hints about Hancock, Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible and Battlestar. This morning, we spoiler in Hell!

Iron Man:

Some early reviews of Iron Man give away a lot of plot info, in between proclaiming how awesome it is. Tony Stark is in Afghanistan, showing off his new Jericho missile, when he gets captured by a terrorist, Raza. Then we flash back to his life before his kidnapping and meet his assistant, Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow) and his sidekick Jim Rhodes (Terrence Howard). A woman journalist tries to interview Tony but ends up in bed with him.


The Mandarin, Iron Man's arch-nemesis with the ten powerful rings, probably doesn't show up in the movie, but his criminal organization (symbolized by an "X" and ten golden rings) is behind Raza. And Raza the terrorist later teams up with Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges), Tony's mentor who turns on him. When Tony gets back from Afghanistan, he announces that Stark Industries is out of the weapons business, which is when the rift with Stane begins.

As we've been told, we don't get to see Tony's sidekick Jim Rhodes suit up as the armored War Machine in this movie. But Tony refers to Rhodesy as a "war machine" at least twice, because whenever Tony follows Rhodes' advice, violence and mayhem result.

Yin Sen, the doctor who helps Tony build his early armor in the cave when he's a prisoner of Raza, is a Lebanese-Gulmirian(??) doctor who's kidnapped by Raza to keep Tony alive.


Tony doesn't really build the second version of his armor himself, he just tells the computer to build it for him, and the computer says it'll be ready in five hours. Tony's armor includes "caller ID" and various other silly toys. There are a lot of sequences of Tony getting used to the armor and figuring out what he can do with it, including some pratfalls that you may already have seen.

The biggest problem with the film is that you've already seen all the cool scenes in the various trailers and previews. And here's a new two-minute clip, only a little of which you've seen before. [Aint It Cool News]

And here are a few more brief low-res When clips which show Tony Stark being kind of a dick. It's mostly bits of scenes we've seen before, but with a bit more detail. [Slashfilm]



Another early review of Hancock confirms some of the spoilers we posted before about Hancock being a god with amnesia, and also confirms that it's a pretty terrible movie. Apparently, there's a full half hour of Hancock causing property damage with drunken and incompetent superhero-ing. And then 15 minutes of Hancock in prison, shoving various objects up people's butts. And then there's a brief stretch of Hancock trying, incompetently, to be a nice guy, during which he foils a bank robbery and then goes around saying "Good job" over and over again. [Aint It Cool again]

Speed Racer:

Here's a new international trailer for Speed Racer, which shows off a lot more of the film's story, including the million-dollar reward that the villanous Royalton puts out for Speed's head. And the suitcase of money that Royalton offers Speed to sell out. And you can see more of the sequences where people try to muscle in on Speed or just obliterate him with rocket launchers.


Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog

Joss Whedon's online show Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog includes a scene in a homeless shelter's soup kitchen. [Alterna-TV]

Battlestar Galactica:

In Friday's Battlestar Galactica episode, Starbuck has rifts with her skeleton crew on the search for Earth. And the Cylon civil war continues. [SliceofSciFi]


Doctor Who:

The Doctor Who Christmas special is still filming, and the set includes trailers for "Hot Scottie Totty" (David Tennant?), "The Other Doctor," and "Miss Hartigan." Dervla Kerwin, who's famous for doing commercials in England, may be the temporary companion. Also, it appears that the Cybermen are taking over a Victorian ironworks and possibly building new Cyber-peeps out of scrap metal. Ooh, and here's a photo of one of those bronze-y Cyber-Wraiths at last, plus a video of the shooting. [Planet Gallifrey]

The Secret History Behind Iron Man's Origin

And here are some promo stills from this Saturday's Doctor Who episode, where the Doctor and Donna land on the icy planet of the Ood. [David Tennant Albumpost]




The next new Lost episode features an explosion that injures one of the castaways (I'm guessing Jack) and the freighter people start "wreaking havoc" on the islanders. Plus, here's a new behind-the-scenes video (from which hints that we'll be seeing more of the sub and Henry Gale's balloon. [Spoilers Lost]


Remember how E! Online's Kristin listed a bunch of Lost spoilers, all of which were false except for one, on April Fool's Day? She now says that the true spoiler involves one of her "all-time favorite Losties," and is good news. To my mind, that narrows it down to: Desmond gets off the island despite not being one of the Oceanic Six; and Jin, Sun and Locke are all alive on the island in the future. [E! Online]