The Secret Author Of Czech Science Fiction Bestseller? The Chief Rabbi

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You think your day job doesn't leave you enough time to pursue your dreams of becoming a science fiction author? Gaze upon the example of Rabbi Karol Efraim Sidon, the Chief Rabbi of the Czech Republic, and feel ashamed. He authored a bestselling science fiction novel, the first of a four-book series.

Rabbi Sidon wrote Atschul's Method under a pseudonym, Chaim Cigan, but grudgingly admitted to being the author after he was "outed." Cigan was supposedly a recent emigre from the Czech Republic to Canada. After Rabbi Sidon was caught out, he told a Czech TV interviewer:

I was surprised at how fast I was found out. I expected that it would take a lot longer. But in the end what choice did I have but to admit it?... Before I began writing this I couldn't read anything but what is considered lowbrow sci-fi literature, which I really love… The story almost unraveled by itself; it was fascinating for me to watch what kind of stuff was going on in my head.


Rabbi Sidon explained he wanted to remain anonymous to create a separation between his religious duties on one hand and his new role as a popular author on the other. The next three books are all written already, and will be released over the next two years. According to Radio Praha, this is a series "mixing politics, prison cells and the secret police with the Middle Ages, Moses and Jewish history – a science fiction thriller told across continents and epochs." [Times of Israel]

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