The Secret Agenda Behind Eureka

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Ever notice that Syfy's Eureka is full of... well, attractive people? Even Fargo, the comedy relief geek within a show full of geeks has a certain charm about him. According to co-creator Jaime Paglia, that didn't happen by accident.

Paglia told Discover Magazine that Eureka very intentionally doesn't buy into the stereotype of the nerdy, socially awkward scientist. In fact, the show's out to offer up examples of the very opposite:

It's an attractive quality to be smart, and inventive... It's not about biceps and perfect teeth. We wanted to turn things upside down in this town.


Not that that'll stop them going to another stereotype to help with storytelling, mind you:

[Lead character, Sheriff] Carter is very smart in a street-smart way; he has the ability to see the forest for the trees... While the scientists are so caught up in what they're doing, they can't see that, which was definitely a quality of some of the guys I was interviewing for Cambridge Forum. You could see [yourself saying], ‘I'll bet you never know where your car keys are, you can't be bothered by that, because you're too busy creating new math.'

But at least they'll be hot absent-minded professors.

Talkin' Science and Science Fiction With Eureka's Jaime Paglia [Discover]


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The people on Eureka are ridiculously good looking. Even Fargo's new girlfriend (Leela Savasta) who they tried to make look dorky is ridicuously beautiful in real life.

And Jamie Ray Newman as Tess... wow is all I can say.