The Second Trailer for Jordan Peele's Us is Full of Menace and Doppelgangers

“It’s us.”
“It’s us.”
Image: Monkeypaw Productions
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“Who’s that?”

It’s Us, Jordan Peele’s devious new horror film, a pseudo followup to Get Out starring Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss, and Tim Heidecker. In the short, one-minute blast of new footage, we see not much of detail, but plenty of atmosphere: doppelgangers standing at a distance, brief, jarring shots of confrontation, the admonition to “run.”

The new trailer comes courtesy of Jordan Peele himself, who posted direct video of the trailer to the sub-Reddit for his very own production company, which is absolutely a power move if I’ve ever seen one. That post is here, and an unofficial YouTube version of the trailer is below.

We’ll update with an official embed of the trailer when we get one, and this will also probably be airing on TV during the Super Bowl, if you want to catch your trailers live.


Us opens March 15.

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a pseudo followup

What does this mean? I really hope you’re not implying something gross as it’s like calling The Prince of Darkness  a “pseudo followup” to Halloween.