The second half of Walking Dead s4 is full of sunshine and rainbows

Wait, did I say "sunshine and rainbows?" I meant "violence and despair." My bad!

This four-minute, new-footage-laden preview for the second half of the show's excellent fourth season has the showrunners and the cast members revealing that yes, everyone is still split up, and everyone is also pretty damned upset about leaving the prison. And when they can't take out their frustrations on zombies, they may start taking it out on each other.


A few other things to note:

• Man, Rick looks rough. Which, given the first three-and-a-half seasons of this show, is saying something.


• Nice snake, Daryl.

• Looks like the members of the Carol Corps are on their own. I'd be worried about two kids wandering the zombie apocalypse alone, except they may be the most terrifying two characters on the show.

• What's the deal with the zombie with the "RICH BITCH" sign around her neck? Very weird.

• By virtue that Steven Yuen is in this video and talking to us, I think we can possibly guess that Glenn survived the bus attack, despite Yuen suggesting it might be up for debate.


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So, neither the two girls, nor Maggie's sister had the baby with them? Interesting... Could it be that the showrunners have the balls to confirm baby Judith was torn to pieces?

Also, notice how much Carl is taking on more of Rick's nuances and mannerisms? I hope he just becomes more of a badass and no more of the crying and bitching that we've had to endure. He's slowly becoming more tolerable, IMO.

And no mention of Carol? I read she was definitely making a return. I'm excited to see how she comes back and who she comes into contact with, first.