There's so much wrongness — and so much greatness — in this scene from Planet Terror. Quentin Tarantino proves, once again, he's willing to go places most actors would steer clear of... culminating in history's second-best zombie-penis scene. Possibly NSFW?

You have to love Sayid's deadpan attitude at the impending explosion of Quentin.

The best zombie penis scene, of course, has to be the "zombie rat vs. zombie severed penis" fight from Beyond Re-Animator, which is amazingly on Youtube:

But the structural failure of Tarantino's manhood — which must be some kind of metaphor, but I can't possibly imagine for what — is definitely a close second, especially given that it's followed by his entire body turning into slush and then being blown through a metal door by Rose McGowan's newly attached machine gun leg. That denouement to the scene just elevates the whole thing to the level of High Art.