The Search for Castle Rock Unearths the Real-Life Places That Inspired Stephen King

Maybe don’t bury Fluffy or Fido here, m’kay?
Maybe don’t bury Fluffy or Fido here, m’kay?
Image: Hulu

We’ll have more on Castle Rock, Hulu’s Stephen King-inspired series, very soon—including a review of the eerie first episode. But first, here’s an early treat for fans of King, true crime, and spooky history, in the form of a Hulu-produced short documentary investigating how Maine itself has inspired the horror author over the years.


Since it’s called The Search for Castle Rock, it obviously has a few hints about the new series, with a peek at the locations (in Massachusetts, as it turns out) where Castle Rock filming took place. But mostly, it focuses on the specific settings and legends that piqued King’s imagination, with perspective from local historians and King aficionados.

Alas, King himself doesn’t weigh in, but his presence is inescapable anyway. Castle Rock arrives on Hulu July 25.


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When I lived in Portland Maine I always heard Stephen King’s Pet Cemetery was inspired by Mackworth Island, there’s a beautiful trail around the small island, the pet cemetery is about halfway around the island, it’s an eerie beautiful place and in the middle of tall trees, it has the graves of horses and dogs that belonged to the former Governor.