If you saw the Seabreacher tearing around the waters of your local beach or bay, you'd probably assume that the killer whales had finally initiated their global coup and gone fully bionic. But you'd be wrong. (For now at least.)


Because the Seabreacher is actually a supercharged watercraft that is part submarine, part speedboat, and just happens to look like a killer whale. Or a shark. Or a dolphin.

Did I mention they can travel 55mph on the water's surface, then submerge below water while maintaining speeds of up to 20mph?


Or that they can actually breach and launch 16 feet into the air?

Or that they have an iPod dock so you can terrorize the waters while listening to epic guitar thrashing?

Illustration for article titled The Seabreacher is the orca cyborg / submarine / speedboat youve been saving up for

Yeah. I want one. Too bad they're 86 thousand dollars. Fortunately for me, they're two-seaters. So who wants to take me for a ride in their biomechanical orca?


[Via TechNewsDaily]

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