Cover art by Raul Allen.

Extinction is not the only new scifi project on Eric Heissererā€™s plate: the man who adapted Ted Chiangā€™s ā€œThe Story of Your Lifeā€ into the Oscar-nominated Arrival is making his Valiant debut with a new series for machine-controlling superhero Livewire.

Heissererā€”whoā€™s actually also helped Valiant begin to turn its comic books into the next superhero cinematic universe, and therefore already sort of written for Livewire alreadyā€”will be joined by Raul Allen and Patricia Martin on the four-part miniseries Secret Weapons.


Character concept work by Raul Allen and Patricia Martin.

The series will follow former Harbinger member and technopath Livewire as she finds herself inadvertently creating a new secret team of psiots like herself, after uncovering a secret Harbinger installation that hid away powered rejects from the program that helped turned her into a superhero. Speaking to Vulture in an interview revealing the book, Heisserer said that Livewire (real name Amanda McKee) was a character he couldnā€™t stop thinking about after his work on the Valiant films was done:

I kept thinking about her. I started to have dreams about interesting scenes and interesting explorations of her powers long after my official writing steps were done on the script.

I approached Dinesh and [Valiant editor-in-chief] Warren Simons and said, ā€˜Guys, Iā€™ve got a lot of stories here for her, I see her path pretty well. Iā€™d love to take a swing at this, writing a book that has her as the anchor.ā€™


The first issue of Secret Weapons will hit shelves this June.