The Science Of Science Fiction Gets Its Own Mythbusting Show

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Will we ever get real-life teleportation devices? How invisible will an invisibility cloak make you? What are the rules for plausible time travel? A new television series will look at technologies found in science fiction and what could become fact.


The Science Channel has just announced a new series Sci-Fi Science: Physics of the Impossible, inspired by the book by string theory co-founder Michio Kaku. Kaku will host each episode of the series, which will explore a single topic from science fiction and whether it might be plausible. Kaku's book has examined a range of popular science fiction ideas, including phasers, force fields, telepathy, psychokinesis, faster than light travel, and perpetual motion devices.

The first two episodes will air on the Science Channel on December 1, at 10pm. The first episode is titled "How to Explore the Universe," and the second "How to Travel to a Parallel Universe."


"Sci-Fi Science" TV Series Begins in December [Slice of SciFi]

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Let me guess:

Episode 1 — Nope.

Episode 2 — No way. José.

Episode 3 — Not a frigging chance.

Episode 4 — Hell to the No.

Episode 5 — Are you F-in kidding me?