It was Marie Curie who pronounced that fear should be tempered with understanding. "Now is the time to understand more," the two-time Nobel laureate is quoted as saying, "so that we may fear less."


Today, Curie's words are as relevant as ever, and in few contemporary social arenas do they find more significance than that of women's reproductive rights, where misinformation, misunderstanding and outright delusion abound.


So in the name of understanding triumphing over fear, here's a video from the folks at AsapSCIENCE that explains the not-at-all-frightening, and actually pretty damn interesting, science behind the emergency contraceptive commonly known as Plan B. Find out what it is (an ovulation-preventing, mucus-thickening emergency contraceptive) and what it isn't (a chemical abortion), and help stem the tide of fear and misinformation surrounding contraceptive methods and women's reproductive rights.


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