The Science Fiction Romances that Make Felicia Day Go Ewww.

Love: the final frontier. Science fiction is full of great love stories... but it's also full of terrible love and sex disasters that gross us out and just annoy us. This week on the io9 show, we talk about our least favorite science fiction romances — plus all the weirdest and most inappropriate romantic tropes. Plus superhero love stories!


Helping us out are special guests: The Guilds' Felicia Day, Tekzilla's Veronica Belmont, The Nerdist's Kiala Kazabee, Geek DIY's Bonnie Burton!


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I like that they only briefly touched upon it, but it was always *REALLY* creepy that the reason Worf went for Deanna in TNG was because in an alternate universe he was married to her. But not him. That alternate universe version of him...Who he seemingly replaced/killed/erased from existence.

It was like " not doing anything else right now...and she was good enough for that other me...what the hell lets try this."

So fricking weird.

Worf has weird relationships in general though.

He reverse one night stands a chick, where instead of leaving her trys to marry her and SHE runs away.

Or Like having his new bride "die", then having her next host come along and try to tell her they are still married but she wants none of that.

Really all Worf ever really had was his Opera and his Prune Juice.