The Sci-Fi and Fantasy-Themed Art Explosions of "Alphabet Attack!"

Dave Crosland, aka King Gum, finished the fourth iteration of his daily art project "Alphabet Attack!" in July. Each time he does this, he goes in alphabetical order for his inspirations, covering everything from single words like "Yonder" to fanciful takes on pop culture like "Ewok Engineering."

Above: Ewok Engineering, Dalek's Disagreeable Disposition, and Quarantine Quandry


On his website, Crosland describes this project as:

Each piece is titled after a letter of the alphabet, and themed by faves from science fiction, film, comics, and literature.

In its four iterations, "Alphabet Attack!" has gone from colorful pop culture works to black and white original pieces. A few below, but his blog has them all.

From "Alphabet Attack 1": "Street Samurai Stilettos"


From the second series, "Cunning Cobra Couple" and "Feline Felon":


From the third, "Questionable Quiche":


Series 4, "Tracker":


[via xombieDIRGE]

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