The Savior in Science Fiction Films

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There have been a recent rash of websites posting about the Christ-like similarities that some of the major figures in science fiction films exhibit. Everyone from Paul Atreides in Dune, to Neo in The Matrix, to Spock in Star Trek, and even Doctor Who seem to have the same messianic properties, but is it case of science fiction aping the biblical story of Christ, or simply authors using a tried and true plot device?


In fact, the bible itself is often called a work of fantasy, although there sadly isn't much scifi in it. Unless of course you count things like the Ark of the Covenant laying waste to armies as science fiction. After all, who knows what that baby was packing for its punch ... maybe that sucker was nuclear? Although the bible is full of savior figures itself, even if you discount the son of God. For instance, Moses led his people to safety, even parting the Red Sea for them (maybe his rod concealed some sort of a force-field generator?), at times putting his own life in dire jeopardy. So who is really stealing from whom?

At any rate, there are dozens of saviors in science fiction, such as Leeloo from The Fifth Element, ready to sacrifice herself to save the human race and gets saved by love, Roy Batty in Blade Runner, dying after saving Deckard's life (and releasing a lone white dove into the air), and don't forget Ellen Ripley's terrible sacrifice scene in Aliens III, where she gives birth to a queen chestburster while throwing herself into something that resembles the flames of hell. Holy dramatic biblical undertones, Batman.


They don't just stop with the movies, which is evident since some of these films are based on classic works of science fiction. Even novels like Ender's Game and 2001 have savior figures at the heart of their stories, proving that there might be some truth to the fact that all stories can basically be boiled down to three, eight, nine, or 36 plots, pick your poison. It's probably true that at some point a caveman painted a scene on a wall of a victorious hunter bringing home a big kill amidst insurmountable odds, unknowingly creating one of the first savior stories. In fact, it's surprising that Hollywood hasn't optioned that story yet.

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