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The Sandman show isn't dead yet, and now Neil Gaiman is involved. Plus the first Wonder Woman set photos!

Illustration for article titled The Sandman show isnt dead yet, and now Neil Gaiman is involved. Plus the first Wonder Woman set photos!
Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Just when the Sandman TV show appeared completely dead, DC Comics' number one writer reveals he's working on it with Neil Gaiman himself. Plus Elizabeth Hurley films her first Wonder Woman scene, Limitless, True Blood and Supernatural spoilers, and more!


Spoilers from this point forward!

Top image from X-Men: First Class.

The Amazing Spider-Man

The one and only Stan Lee has revealed that, yes, he'll be making another one of his cameo appearances in The Amazing Spider-Man, and he'll apparently be filming it fairly soon. [Nerd Reactor]


Captain America

Lee also revealed he will be making a cameo in this movie "and others", which I presume means the other upcoming Marvel Studios films like Thor and The Avengers (plus Fox's X-Men: First Class, maybe). No word yet on what the cameo will entail, but if it doesn't involve Stan Lee punching Hitler, I'll be kinda disappointed. [Nerd Reactor]

Illustration for article titled The Sandman show isnt dead yet, and now Neil Gaiman is involved. Plus the first Wonder Woman set photos!

Here's a new promo photo. [SpoilerTV]

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

The movie is filming in Cambodia, specifically at the famous Angkor Wat temple complex. [TFW2005]



Screenwriter Leslie Dixon explains the movie's premise, in which failed writer Bradley Cooper takes a drug that unleashes the full potential of his mind:

"The premise may seem to verge on science fiction, but that kind of technology is probably not far off. I'm sure there are researchers in labs right now trying to make ‘smart drugs' to improve memory, cognitive function and reflexes. I think most people, myself included, would take that pill if it was offered. I think it reverberates with what's really going on right now in our society. People are taking things like Adderall to give themselves an edge. It's sort of ironic that we have begun to see drugs as a way to enhance our achievement rather than just to have fun.

"And the things that he is able to do on that ride are things that we all aspire to. He can effortlessly learn foreign languages. He learns to read music in a day. Women drop at his feet after half a dozen sentences, because he's so charming and funny. All of these things are things that we wish we could do, and it's fun to go there with the character. When things get hairy and it turns out that bad people are after him, watching him think and fight his way out of those situations is exhilarating."


There's a lot more at the link. [ComicBookMovie]

Men in Black III

Alec Baldwin, long rumored to be playing the 1960s era head of the Men in Black, has confirmed that he's no longer involved in the project due to scheduling difficulties. Which, considering how many times filming has been delayed to completely rewrite large swathes of the script, is probably the actual reason instead of just a diplomatic excuse. [Vulture]


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Robin McLeavy, the Australian actress who was erroneously rumored to have been cast as Mary Todd Lincoln, has in fact reportedly joined the movie after all. She will reportedly play Nancy Hanks Lincoln, Abraham's mother whose death at a vampire's fangs is what sets her future president son down the path of vampire-hunting. [Deadline]


Wrath of the Titans

The Clash of the Titans sequel has moved its release date back a week to March 30, 2012. [/Film]


Doctor Who

Here's some set photos of "The Lodger" costars James Corden and Daisy Haggard in their return appearance as Craig Owens and Sophie, courtesy of



Assuming the show gets a fourth season, the show will be adding a new cast member, a 23-year-old rookie FBI agent named Emily. We've seen her casting call out before this, but it's more confirmation that she's intended to be a new regular cast member. [E! Online]


True Blood

There's a ton of tidbits in this post on what's ahead in season four, but here are some of the highlights. As far as fairies are concerned, Stephen Moyer says that Bill will indeed keep his promise to kill anyone who discovers Sookie is a fairy, while Alan Ball says there's plenty more to learn about them:

"You are definitely going to see a different realm that humans don't exist in that fairies do. We'll also maybe see through the illusion, maybe they're not quite as benign as one might think.


Pam actress Kristin Bauer says her character will have a lot to deal with in this season's witches:

"The witches test us all this year, Pam included. Pam has a very fascinating and challenging storyline that I've been shooting all week. I'm not sure what the witches want exactly, but as of episode five they are kicking Pam's ass but she's not going to lie down and take it. I think I get some good action this season."


On whether Jessica will grow more in control of her bloodlust as she matures, Deborah Ann Woll offers this:

"Depends on as a mature person what you decide you want to do. Maybe the maturity is I want to be all that a vampire is, but I think we'll see more of a gray area. We'll see more of Jessica struggle with which side of her should win out."


There's more at the link. [Fancast]


Here's a promo for the next episode, "Chuck vs. the Muuurder." [SpoilerTV]

Sarah's bachelorette party will reportedly involve a male stripper dressed as an enemy commando, and it's a safe bet that some wacky misunderstandings and/or hijinks will then ensue. [E! Online]


The Event

Here's a promo for next week's episode 14, "A Message Back." [SpoilerTV]

Here's a description for episode 15, "Face Off":

NEGOTIATIONS ENSUE FOR THE RELEASE OF SLEEPERS – HAL HOLBROOK GUEST STARS – President Martinez (Blair Underwood) and Blake Sterling (Zeljko Ivanek) have the Sleepers surrounded, but after Sophia (Laura Innes) triggers a national disaster, negotiations ensue. Elsewhere, with a lead on the whereabouts of Dempsey (guest star Hal Holbrook, "Water for Elephants"), Sean (Jason Ritter) and Vicky (Taylor Cole) continue on their mission.



Episode 16 will reportedly be called "You Bury Other Things Too." [SpoilerTV]


OK, this is slightly unexpected - soon after Supernatural creator Eric Kripke says a series would not be happening this year, DC Comics's Chief Creative Officer and de facto head writer Geoff Johns tweeted that a series is going ahead, and that he is working with series creator Neil Gaiman to bring it to life. Here's what Johns tweeted:

"Correction to world. The Sandman is AWAKE! :) Psyched to be working with [Neil] on developing one of the greatest series ever! Sandman in any form - comics to live action - doesn't work without [Neil]."



Wonder Woman

Here are the first set pics, showing Elizabeth Hurley filming a scene where Wonder Woman's nemesis, Veronica Cale, gets into a limousine. More pics at the link. [Ace Showbiz]



We've got an insane amount of ground to cover here, so be sure to check the various links for more info, as we're going to have to limit ourselves to just the highlights. Without further ado...


Executive producer Sera Gamble promises there will be at least two unexpected deaths before the end of the season:

"There will definitely be deaths. I would say that the last couple of episodes are pretty dark. The situation is rather desperate for Sam and Dean and they truly have to band together to get the job done."


[TV Guide]

Samantha Smith will make a return appearance as Mary Winchester in episode 19, entitled "Mommie Dearest." Sera Gamble says they chose to use her somewhat older incarnation of the Winchesters' mother for a very specific reason:

When you see the episode, you will see why it had to be Smith. We had a specific reasoning for using her version of Mary. And you know, whenever Dean and Sam see their mother again, it's never really an entirely happy occasion!"


Also, Dean's makeshift family of Lisa and Ben will make a return appearance before the end of the season, although it's not quite clear how they will fit into things just yet. [Gather]

Misha Collins teases what's ahead for Castiel and the rest of the season:

"In the final episodes this season, we're getting more into the battle in heaven, and we're even going to touch back on Sam's soul. The end of the season is very dialed into the season-long mythology...Cas does spend time with the Mother of All lady, and Cas does not go to the Wild West. Missed opportunity. He could have worn chaps."


[E! Online]

Jared Padalecki explains what Sam has to confront in the finale:

"We're saving the best for last - and the scariest for last. [The wall inside Sam] does come down, and as Death warned, it's a catastrophe. Sam has to battle something he's never battled before, which is himself. Sam is going to have to ultimately confront what he did soul-less and did in hell. There's a lot of Sam soul searching."



The show is now pretty close to being a lock for a seventh season. This is apparently a very good thing, because show creator and season final Eric Kripke says they will be doing a fairly substantial cliffhanger at the end, and Sera Gamble promises some questions will be left unanswered until the next season. Kripke also offers this cryptic tease for the end of the finale:

"I'd actually say my favorite thing [in the finale] is the final minute. Stay tuned for the final minute. It's one of those moments where the more you stop to think about it, the more you feel the enjoyment of the writer, looking at what he's doing and going, 'I can't believe I got away with that.' When you look at it subtextually, it's sort of a nutty thing that I did."


[E! Online]

And then there's a grab bag of general spoilers and tidbits from the show's recent appearance at PaleyFest. A few highlights:

- One thing that Ben [Edlund] would like to try is a live episode.
- The war in heaven will play out at the end of the season.
- Kripke: "Currently there are no plans to return the amulet."
- Finale: Each episode has its own story, both are self-contained.
- Kripke says "it will be awesome in reruns but for the two-hour people will be like 'What?'"
- Female characters with a positive force coming up: Jared says just Castiel.
- Upcoming Edlund directed episode of Supernatural is from Castiel's point of view. "We hear a couple of moments from his childhood."
- Kripke has a specific coda in mind for when the show ends, he didn't use [in "Swan Song"] when they got Season 6 renewal.


There's more at the link. [SpoilerTV]

Being Human (UK)

The show has officially been renewed for a fourth series. [Daemon's TV]

Stargate Universe

Here's a promo for the next episode, "Alliances." [SpoilerTV] Click to view

Being Human (US)

Here's a pair of promos for next week's episode, "Dog Eat Dog." [SpoilerTV] Click to view


Click to view


Executive producer Scott Rosenbaum explains that he originally planned for a 22-episode second season, and a third season pickup would unspool the rest of the season's story:

"When they reduced the order, I had to make a decision. I didn't feel like it was possible to wrap the show in that amount of time, so I said, ‘You know, I'm going to hope there's another season, because I've pushed the story too far [and] it won't make sense [to conclude it this soon]. I don't feel like the audience will feel like we've earned those moments.' So I'm going to keep my fingers crossed and leave it organically where I think the show should end after 10 episodes. I went with hope, and tried to make it feel like a satisfying conclusion."


He also promises that, if there's a third season, we'll finally see some actual fighting between the humans and the Visitors. But yeah...I wouldn't necessarily trust him on that. [EW]

Elizabeth Mitchell says she's pretty optimistic for a renewal, and in rather stark contrast to what's going on with No Ordinary Family, she points out nobody on V has signed on for any pilots. She offers this take on what she'd like to see in a possible season three:

I liken up until now to Rocky I, and I feel like Season 3 would be Rocky II, where Erica does everything right, is the smartest woman that ever existed, is the most powerful, and everybody [on the V ships] gets completely massacred. That's what I'm hoping for.


We're guessing she's joking, but yeah...that actually sounds as good as anything we've actually seen. (Also, is that really the plot of Rocky II? Rambo II, maybe...) [TVLine]


Kristin Kreuk again confirmed that Lana Lang will not be back for the series finale, explaining:

"I do not believe there was ever a real offer for me to come back - though I am pretty sure that if I showed interest in returning, [showrunners] Kelly [Souders] and Brian [Peterson] would find a way to fit me in. I think her story is done. I am not sure how her coming back changes Clark's story any longer. He has moved forward. As he was always supposed to do. As Lana would have wanted him to do."


[TV Line]

Additional reporting by Katharine Trendacosta and Charlie Jane Anders.


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I am the biggest Neil Gaiman fangirl but I do NOT want a Sandman TV show. I consider Sandman to be one of the best graphic novel series of all time. I don't see how it can be made into a show without ruining the wonder, beauty and wit it had. I couldn't bare to see it messed with by Hollywood. I can't think of a single actor or actress that could do the Endless justice. So, I must say, do not want.