The Saddest Scifi Dancers

Finally the moment I've been waiting for — the greatest scene from last weeks True Blood is out on the internet. Depicting some of the most ridiculous mopey-sexy dancing I've ever seen, it's Jason the world's the tiniest dancer shakin' his junk for the V-juice he needs so bad. So because you asked for it, here it is plus a collection of other "sad dances" that make us simultaneously laugh and feel uncomfortable.Jason is almost naked and dancing around for his much needed V-Juice (vampire blood) so he can get his junk back in working order again. These are the kind of moments I treasure in television and cinema. Where a character is so delusional, sad or desperate they dance it out. You dance it out fellas. Cherry Strip Crying In Planet Terror Rose McGowan your sad dance made a stripper crying on a runway hot, which makes me ashamed.

Oola's Death Dance Bye bye, little Oola, when I was young your strange dance made me want to be you before you were fed to the Rancor.

Masters of Horror: Dance Of The Dead Talk about sad the MC (Robert Englund) of this post apocalyptic club reanimates dead bodies on stage to dance for your pleasure. Ick (trailer below couldn't find stand alone dance scene).

Marta It's the cray cray Orion slave girl from "Whom Gods Destroy," also of the sexy hot persuasion — but sad because homegirl was nuts.

Joker Whipping Around Poor Little Miss Vicki Vale Around Awesome creepy/sad dance... but no "have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?"

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