The Saddest Little Dragonborn in Skyrim

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The Khajiit battled across Skyrim and learned the Dragon Shouts, relying on his wits, his sword, and his incomparable cuteness. But as soon as he took that arrow to the knee, he knew his quest was at its end.


This is the final image from Darren Geers' "The saddest Khajiit" series, which finds our fluffy warrior in a few less-than-happy moments. Poor, poor Khajiit. Your big eyes and tabby stripes make your defeat seem all the gloomier.

Here, at the end of all the things. [Darren Geers via Drop Shadow]



Fare thee weel, you dungeons dark and strong,
Fareweel, fareweel to thee.
Gwarr the Betrayed rant will ne'er be lang,
On yonder gallers tree.

Sae wontonly, sae dauntonly,
O rantinly gaed he,
He played a tune an' he danced under the moons,
Below bellow the gallers tree.

By a skooma-head's treacherous hand

That I was condemned to die,

High on a ledge of his window I stood,
And my claws I threw over him.

Some come here noo tae see me hang

And some to buy my fiddle,
Before I'll pairt wi' thee,
I'll slash his through the middle.

Come ye loose the bands from off my claws

Bring tae me noo my sword,
There's nae a man in a' Elsweyr
That'll brave him with his word.

Little did my mother think
When first she cradled me,
That I would turn a Moon Runner
And die upon the gallers tree.

The reprieve was comin' o'er the bridge o' Dragonpass,
To set the son of Hircine free,
But They pu' the clock a quarter fast,
And they hanged Gwarr from a tree

Now he runs with the Lord of The Hunt

His spirit forever free

But when the Moons shine you will hear my lament

The Lament of Gwarr the Betrayed