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Hey, the dynamic duo of directors we all love from Captain America: The Winter Soldier are coming back to Marvel to take the Avengers across a very ambitious finish line. Yep, the Russos are tapping out Joss Whedon, and that's fine by us.


On the heels of the new announcement that the Russos are making a Ghostbusters movie, and signed a pretty major deal with Sony (causing a lot of folks to speculate that they're eyeing the Spider-Man franchise), Badass Digest is now announcing that Anthony and Joe Russo will be directing the big Avengers: Infinity War two-parter. This is great because they are great and Captain America 2 was great.

Badass Digest continues that no writers are assigned but the studio is supposedly in talks with Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, the folks behind Captain America and the incredible Agent Carter series. All good things people.


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