The Runaways have been through so much already, what’s a witch and an alien invasion going to do? Oh, right. Probably a lot of bad stuff.

When last we watched Hulu’s Runaways, everything was a mess (again) and that included the teen heroes being separated. While Marvel Television is no more and before that we heard this would be the show’s last seasonthere’s a lot of ground to cover before the end.

io9 had the chance to speak with the cast and producers of the Runaways at New York Comic Con earlier this year and get a sneak peek at what’s to come including witchy drama, romantic troubles, and growing up.


You can watch the video interview above and our transcript is below.

io9: Do you have any thoughts about the main direction that the series [has taken]? Obviously, they’ve constantly been running away now, they’ve been pulled apart by Jonah. What are the biggest challenges for the Runaways themselves this year? 

Stephanie Savage, showrunner: Well, the most immediate challenge when the season starts is that they’ve been separated from some of their friends and they need to be reunited so that’s gonna be first and foremost. Then, they need to figure out what’s going on with these aliens, and Dark Nico, and a whole bunch of other stuff, so they’ve really got a lot to take on when the series starts. And I think they find themselves challenged in new ways that they haven’t before and this really is I would say the first year where they don’t feel they’re like kid, parent. Should we go home? Where do we belong? They’re coming into their own and it’s really interesting to watch.

io9: The end of season two left everyone split up, so how does this split affect the characters going into the start of season three?


Rhenzy Feliz: We need our team back but we’re going up against what we’ve found out at the end of the season, an entire family of aliens, [some of] which are still missing, so it’s a lot of inner chaos going on. A lot of things, so much uncertainty we don’t know what we’re running into, we don’t know how strong this force can really be. We have an idea because of Jonah. So now we’re facing basically four Jonahs. And we hear that one of them is even more powerful, more evil, and angry than Jonah himself and so it’s sort of I guess it’s a little chaotic there at the beginning trying to get us all back under the same roof.

Gregg Sulkin: Obviously Chase absolutely loves Gert and hopefully it’s reciprocated. But, they’re teenagers at the end of the day and they’ve also gone through things that most teenagers never have to deal with. And so having a romance through that comes with its challenges and so you’re gonna see that the relationship is basically at stake this season. And also Chase with his family relationship. Which is gonna make it—well the plan and the hope is always he loves his family very much—and to try and maintain that relationship although it’s very, very, very difficult and continuously gets harder and harder and harder.


Virginia Gardner: I think for Carolina the biggest thing that’s at stake is the possibility of a relationship with her family and not knowing what their intentions are. And also the possibility that she could lose Nico to this new character, and this witchcraft, and I’ve always been the light to her dark and worried that she’s not gonna be able to pull her out of the darkness this time.


Lyrica Okano: I think for this season we all learn about the power of sacrifice and what that means, about [how] that’s part of growing up and also about that’s what makes you a superhero. You have to make a lot of sacrifices and every one of us finds that out.

Runaways returns to Hulu for its third and final season on December 13.

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