We caught up with Tommy Wiseau, director of the cult sensation The Room and star of the upcoming grindhouse parody The House That Drips Blood On Alex. Wiseau was charming and cryptic about the film's plot.

Wiseau, who rose to fame after his 2003 drama The Room became a hit on the midnight movie circuit, was on hand at Comic-Con to talk up his new short film, The House That Drips Blood On Alex.


What's THTDBOA about? We're not entirely sure. We know there's a lot of blood in it, the film was made by sketch comedy troupe Studio 8, and that it will debut on Atom.com and Comedy Central around Halloween. On Sunday, we went straight to Tommy for answers.

What was you involvement with The House That Drips Blood on Alex?

You have to see it. It will be on Comedy Central and online. In The House That Drips Blood on Alex, I play Alex. I did not direct it. I'm just acting in in it.

Would you say The House That Drips Blood on Alex is a supernatural film?

Somewhat. It's a funny movie. It's a comedy-slash-a little-scifi. It's pretty exciting. We've gotten some really great crowds yesterday [when we screened it at Comic-Con].

What would you say is your favorite scene in the movie?

[Laughs] When all the blood pours on Alex's head.

Is this a graphically violent film?

It's just for fun. It's violent, but it's a little scary. You might sleep well, you might not.

After speaking with Tommy, I grilled THTDBOA actor/producer Chris Trew and writer/director Jared Richard about the film's plot.

Jared, tell me a little about the film. Tommy implied that the plot was a little scifi, a little comedy.

Jared Richard: It's a story that's intriguing and funny and scary and a cell phone mystery.

That's a whole lot of genre. What sort of special effects are we looking at?

JR: There's no special computer-generated effects – the blood is all real blood.

Does this film contain any allusions to classic horror films, namely The House That Dripped Blood?

Chris Trew: It's a creation all on its own. We fully expect for other people to get inspired by this and make their own [films]. This will be a classic horror tale that will be repeated for generations to come.

What would you say is your favorite scene in the film?

JR: The scene where the blood drips on Alex.

CT: When the blood comes out of the house and drips on Alex.

Funny, Tommy said the same thing.

Looks like we'll just have to wait until October! Hopefully the success of this project will expedite the release of Tommy's never-aired apartment building comedy, The Neighbors.

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