The Ronin Rabbit Returns In This Great Stop-Motion Usagi Yojimbo Short

Fans of Stan Sakai's long-running rabbit-based samurai epic rejoice! Check out this seven-minute stop-motion animated short, titled "The Last Request" — and then get ready for a full-length, direct-to-DVD movie in the same style!

This short is definitely a bit rough, but don't worry — it's just a proof-of-concept video made by Lintika Films to convince creator Stan Sakai to grant them the movie rights, which it succeeded in. As for the real movie, director Roel Robles says:

It's a still a work-in-progress and about 90% complete. We're currently working on the sound mix and refining the film for the DVD release which will include behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, deleted scenes, and interesting details regarding the making of the featurette.


[Via ToysREvil]

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I had the action figure as a kid. It regularly helped my ninja turtles out against Shredder and Co.