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Two of the most ubiquitous stars right now—Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart—are wildly contrasting sizes, so their buddy movie has a built-in visual gag. But there’s one big problem with this Central Intelligence trailer.


Nope, it’s not the fact that the script apparently makes the same joke over and over (The Rock: “Let’s do this! You in?” Hart: “NO!” The Rock: “All right! Let’s go!” Hart: “WHAAAAAA??”) We actually chuckled at that, to be honest. No, it’s the cheap laugh that comes after a flashback to high school, in which Hart’s character was massively popular, and the Rock was pudgy and had braces. We get that it’s supposed to be funny that the Rock’s happy-go-lucky character is now a musclebound CIA agent, but the Rock in a fat suit ... we could have done without that.

Anyway, Central Intelligence still looks pretty awesome. (Extra points for the tag line that makes cheeky use of each star’s last name.) Look for it in theaters June 17, 2016.

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