Having just defeated an earthquake, The Rock might soon take on three even bigger monsters. The actor, better known as Dwayne Johnson, is set to produce and star in a film adaptation of the classic 80s video game Rampage.


Rampage was a game where a players took control of either a giant gorilla, lizard or wolf and attempted to destroy a city before the military could kill them. You were the bad guys. One would assume the film version would take the opposite spin, but plot details are being kept secret.

Johnson will produce alongside Beau Flynn, who also produced San Andreas, the aforementioned earthquake movie. That film has been a giant hit, so it makes sense the two would reteam for another disaster film—even if this one is a video game adaptation.


A script by Ryan Engle (Non-Stop) is currently being written, and Variety says production would, ideally, start in the Summer of 2016. That’s the next opening for the actor, who has at least a half a dozen films in different stages of development. He’s currently making Central Intelligence with Kevin Hart, will return for Fast and Furious 8, a second season of his HBO series Ballers is likely, and he’s also attached to star in Shazam, The Janson Directive, a remake of Baywatch, Big Trouble in Little China and more. Unlike some of those projects though, Rampage actually has a script in the works, which pushes it closer to the front of the pack.

New Line Cinema has been trying to get a Rampage movie made since 2011 but hasn’t enjoyed much progress. It seems likely the double dose of San Andreas and Jurassic World success heated up the giant monster/disaster project again. If this movie ever happens, let’s hope Johnson actually becomes one of these characters instead of his usual, bad-ass action hero trying to stop them.


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