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The Rock Dons Race Bannon's White Wig In Jonny Quest Movie

Illustration for article titled The Rock Dons Race Bannons White Wig In Jonny Quest Movie

Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson are teaming up in the Jonny Quest movie as Jonny and his bodyguard Race Bannon. Anyone else wondering why this wasn't a Venture Brothers film instead?


According to Moviehole Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron have both signed on for the Jonny Quest movie. Is there still any demand for this movie?

The movie will probably follow the same course as the show, where a young Jonny Quest (Efron), his body guard Race Bannon (Johnson), his father Dr. Quest and a group of changing "others" go on wild adventures.


According to Johnson:

"I don't know if you've read the latest [draft] but it's awesome and it's badass and I haven't read, this is what I told everyone over at Warner Bros., and I love the studio too by the way, you know, I had my experience with them with Get Smart and they were great, I hadn't read an action script like that in a LONG time. And that action was unbelievable. That will happen."

Ok so maybe if they make it super-duper action packed and leave the Bandit cameo to a minimum, it could be entertaining. But it just screams Starsky And Hutch movie to me, and not in a funny Vince Vaughn-had-a-few-good-lines kind of way. But let's see who else they bring on board.

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Why isn't it the Venture Bros?

Because they want to make money. I have loved the Venture Bros since the first season, have the Blood Judo shirt (if you know what that entailed), and hope to get a film someday. But The Rock, and HSM guy? You do not want that kind of Venture Bros film because to make it as blockbustry as you would want it it would have to be toned down a fair bit. You think they're going to mass market a tentpole film like this if it has a naked Rock as Brock Sampson covered in blood after gutting 100 henchmen, smoking a cigarette? No, no they're not, but it is what we would need from a good VB film.

And badmouthing Bandit?! harsh.