The Rock Confirms He Will Be Black Adam, Not Shazam

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It's official! Dwayne Johnson has announced he will be playing Shazam's foe Black Adam and not the hero himself in Warner Bros.' upcoming Shazam movie.


Here's Johnson's tweet confirming his choice:

Weird. I have to imagine WB would havep referred the extremely bankable star to have been the titular hero of the movie, and thus the face of the potentially long-running franchise, but as we've all acknowledged it's not like The Rock isn't perfect for this role, too. But now who the hell are they going to find to fill Shazam's cape? Who has the massive build and boyish charm to play an 11-year-old trapped in an adult superhero's body besides Dwayne Johnson? Any suggestions?


Good move on my part. I always thought Rock looked the part of Black Adam.
As for Shazam, I propose three solutions:
A) Take the opportunity to add some diversity. There is no reason the story of Billy Batson has to be white. In fact, as an orphan often portrayed as living in dense urban areas, there are a lot of good reasons for recasting his race.
B) If not, Patrick Warburton would be perfect for Captain Marvel - I mean Shazam - if not for his getting a little older these days...
C) Digitally render Rock as both parts...