Do you have a child you'd like to get interested in Shakespeare? Are you worried that the Bard's prose might be too indecipherable, or the plays too violent, or simply not interesting enough for today's kids with their iPads and Twitters and Biebers and Pokémons? Well, today is your lucky day, because the Robot Shakespeare Company has produced The Tragedy of MacBeth, a kid-friendly version of the play with some very unique characteristics:

• It stars robots
• It's CG animated
• There are spaceships, holograms and laser guns
• There's no graphic violence
• There are modern subtitles, so kids can understand what the heck is being said


This is super-weird, but it's really cool too. MacBeth seems like an odd choice for the project — certainly Shakespeare has more kid-friendly work — but MacBeth is one of Shakespeare's most popular plays for a reason, and I think kids would get into it. The scifi setting is neat, and definitely kid friendly, and the modern subtitles are a genuinely brilliant idea. And sure, the CG isn't exactly Pixar, but this was originally a Kickstarter project, and besides, this is a pretty noble cause, so I'm more than willing to cut them some slack.

You can purchase The Tragedy of MacBeth on DVD here, but it can also be viewed free on the official Robot Shakespeare Company website, complete with educational notes. Thanks to Megan B. for the tip!


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