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The robot uprising has never looked more beautiful than in this short

You may have once seen a trailer for a short film called K3loid, but now it's finished and you must watch it. It's got robot armies. rampaging mecha, soldiers in power armor, creepy mannequins, an enigmatic AI and it is unbelievably gorgeous.


It's so awesome that two Hollywood production companies have already partnered with director J.J. Palomo and his six-person VFX team Big Lazy Robot to produce a full feature, and once you've watched the short, you'll be as grateful as I am. You can check out the original trailer from back in the olden days of 2011 here.


[Via The Hollywood Reporter]

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It looks good. I just hope the story for the feature length version is as good as the design of the robots. As long as it steers clear of the whole "SkyNet" concept I think it has a chance of being considered something "fresh". Of course I'm basing this completely on the trailer and the totally cool mechs. *Sigh* I wish I had a robot buddy with an autocanon!