The Road's Weary Travelers Have Terrible Hygiene

Cormac McCarthy's depressing, post-apocalyptic ash world in The Road isn't going to be any more cheerful in John Hillcoat's big screen adaptation. And the little survivalist details promise to be the parts that make the movie truly sick. So far we've only been introduced to one wanderer and the two main characters The Boy (Kodi Smit-McPhee) and The Man (Viggo Mortensen). With only a month left before the movie hits theaters, a new crop of pics from a member of the cast has surfaced showing the most memorable characters of The Road thus far. Spoilers ahead.


Remember when The Man and The Boy sneak into what they assume is an abandoned manor only to discover a den of flesh eating humans who love the taste of human flesh? Here they are: Meet the cannibals (and or their dinner)! Now look at these guys, they look fantastic. Just disturbed and malnourished enough to eat a baby. Or these could be the poor souls that were the main course (who can say?) All the the terribly depressing shots we saw before opened up the burned out world to us, but this is what sealed the deal for me. To be honest I was extremely nervous they wouldn't look this disturbing but Hillcoat hit the nail on the head. In the gallery you will see this cannibalistic family and their lair (down in the cellar of course). The pictures are from the actor Jeremy Ambler. Don't his teeth look perfect for the part? [via Quiet Earth]


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