The Road Trailer Plays Like Terrible Roland Emmerich Thrill Ride

The trailer for the long awaited film adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's The Road is finally out. Viggo Mortenson and his son look appropriately scruffy and ravaged, but too bad the trailer misrepresents the movie.

I know the purpose of theatrical trailers is to get everyone interested in the film, but I have a feeling this movie isn't the fast paced on the run from cannibals, fire storm, kaboom, pow! flick the trailer makes it out to be - and it shouldn't be. The story is, at its heart, about a man and a boy and holding on to their last shreds of hope while encountering the darkest sides of humanity. It is not an end of the world catastrophe flick that puts a father and son on a fast-paced adventure.

But from the first official review, it sounds like this trailer was always going to be a bit of a stretch, and that the movie is a solid translation of McCarthy's work from page to screen, minus Charlize Therons' character's extended involvement, which, to be fair, could be interesting when she's paired up with Viggo.


The Road will be released in theaters on October 16, 2009 .

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It's so easy to edit together a misrepresenting trailer. The trailer marketing is put together by third parties contracted by an already far removed marketing team. It's usually guided by the producers too, who are sensitive to money and not film aesthetics.