The Rita Repulsa of Max Landis' Power Rangers Movie Could Have Looked Even Weirder Than the Current One

Image Credit: Matt Frank on Facebook
Image Credit: Matt Frank on Facebook

It’s long been known that screenwriter Max Landis pitched his own take on a Power Rangers reboot, before we eventually wound up with the movie we’re getting next year. Although it’s unlikely we’ll ever see Landis’ take come to life, we’ve now got a glimpse at what might have been—at least for its villain.


Artist Matt Frank has shared a totally wild take on Rita Repulsa he quickly whipped up for Landis’ treatment in 2013 on Facebook recently, and while clothing-wise it shares a lot more in common with the classic Rita costume of the Mighty Morphin show, it’s otherwise... quite a bit more extreme.

 Image Credit: Matt Frank on Facebook
Image Credit: Matt Frank on Facebook

Say what you will about the totally alien design for Elizabeth Banks’ portrayal of the character in next year’s movie, this one is literally “totally alien.” Why have the ability to make monsters grow if you could turn into that!? It’s definitely out there, even with the familiar touches of the horns and the classic staff. Check out more of Frank’s work over at his Facebook page at the link below.

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Michael Crider

Apparently this character designer made the same mistake I and all my friends did in kindergarten: the original Rita didn’t have horns or a hat, those spikey things on her head were her hair.

(I mean obviously it was a costume hat, but yeah, giant evil pigtails is what they were going for.)