The Revolutionary Future Of Magazines Will Arrive This Summer!

All of the pieces are coming together for a new magazine distribution model, and by June the shape of things to come will be obvious, predicts Folio Magazine's Josh Gordon in a breathless piece. E-readers are so prominent and becoming so cheap, people called this the "year of the e-reader" at the Consumer Electronics Show. Meanwhile, magazines like Popular Science and Sports Illustrated are already showing off their interactive versions for tablets and other devices.

But that's just the beginning — Apple is lining up publishers for digital magazine distribution via iTunes. Hearst is developing its own e-reader for its magazines. Conde Nast, Time and other publishers are developing a "Hulu for magazines." Concludes Gordon, "Magazine content, e-reader hardware, and distribution technology are all coming together. When the three are finally in place be prepared to rethink everything you know about magazines." [Folio]

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Chip Overclock®

It finally happened the other evening: the person on the machine next to me at the gym had an e-reader, specifically a Kindle. I'd been wondering when it would happen.

I'm an MP3 player-person myself, can't see how people can focus on a book with all the movement.

The gym recently replaced all the treadmills with models that have integrated LCD displays and all are hooked up to the cable TV feed. When an internet feed you could cruise IO9 while running. :-)