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The Return of the Monday Commentary Twack!

Illustration for article titled The Return of the Monday Commentary Twack!

Post Comic-Con insanity, we're back — taking it to the tweets to have a little fun with some genre "classics." Once again, you guys choose the Netflix-able movie and we'll bring the beer*. (No beer will be provided.)


Just like we did two weeks ago (when Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow got the nod) I've picked five likely subjects - all of which are available on Netflix Watch Instantly - and whichever gets the most votes will receive the honor of our merciless, merciless love.


So, vote below, and be sure to follow @io9commentary and the #io9moviemonday hashtag. We'll all see you tonight at 9:30pm EST!

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I didn't realize Surrogates was streaming! EXCELLENT!

I voted for Underworld 3 - even though I can't participate I wanted to vote cheese.